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On-Budget Solutions for Concrete Services

Turn to the concrete contractors with more than 70 years of combined experience in Sunnyvale, California. At Spangler Concrete and Engineering, Inc. we offer our valued clients an array of industrial, commercial, and residential concrete  solutions.

Because concrete is still one of the most versatile and reliable building materials available to this day, it remains a go-to for commercial applications of all kinds. A few areas we specialize in include, but are not limited to:

• Apartment Complexes
  —Including Sidewalks & Roads Leading Up to the Complexes
• Driveways
• Fountains
• Large Sites
• Municipal Work, Such as City Sidewalks
• Outdoor BBQ Foundations
• Patios
• Residential Parks
• Retaining Walls
• Sound Walls
• Street Repair
• Cement Tree Planters

Concrete Work

Concrete Staining

Give your concrete a timeless, rustic appearance while maintaining superior protection. Concrete staining is perfect for applications that range from apartment complexes that wish to forego carpets, as well as for retail stores.

Cement Tree Planters

Cement tree planters save water and prevent any kind of leakage. Rocks or sands inside the planters filter out excess water. From there, that same water goes into the city or the apartment complex's draining system. This can also be used to drain into and be reprocessed to any fountain and irrigation system on a larger scale.

Rainwater Collection

Anyone having issues with pooling or sitting water now has the solution to keep these key areas dry. Have us redirect your for pooling or sitting water by redirecting the entire surface through irrigation methods.